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г. Владимир, ул. 16 лет Октября, д.1, оф25
г. Вязники, ул. Железнодорожная, д.13
Шальнов Николай, ком. директор
на Флагма с 30 января 2017
+7 (903) 648-XX-XX


The VALF-RUS company is more than 7 years of successful work in the market of engineering plumbing fixtures. During this time we did a way from small trading company to the large group of companies with own production of polypropylene pipes and a fitting developed by transport and warehouse logistics, a branch network and the improved partnership with suppliers and clients.
"VALF-RUS" is today:
more than 350 highly-skilled employees;
the developed branch network;
own plant on production of polypropylene pipes and fitting;
warehouse spaces more than 10 000 sq. m;
vehicle fleet from 25 cars with a loading capacity from 5 to 20 tons;
direct contracts with the leading producers of engineering plumbing fixtures, pumping and heating equipment.
More than 3 500 companies from Russia and the neighboring countries became our regular customers already.

Компания образована в 2009 году, численность 500 чел.
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